Getting yourself active just got easy.

Playon is the one stop shop for staying active in your community. Find parks, leagues, groups, and get active easier.


Dynamic features to
improve active life.

Start anywhere. Find a new leauge, explore your local parks, sign up for classes, or just set up a profile and watch the new experiences roll in.


Build a profile and get personalized updates.

Creating a player profile is as simple as telling us a few of your preferences and adding your favorite sports and activities quickly. Once built, you unlock the real power of Playon.

With a Player Profile, you’ll be able to get notifications when new events and activities are added near you, you’ll be able to save searches, and you’ll be more connected to your local activity landscape than ever before.

2 hours ago

Suggested Activity

La Porte Summer Tennis

Sign up by June 12 for a tennis league at Bill Reed Tennis Complex.

4 hours ago

Registration Ending Soon

Mommy and Me Swimming

A park you follow has listed 3 new activities that might be interesting to you.

18 hours ago

New from NIMBA

Night Ride at Soldier’s

An organization you follow has posted an activity that may interest you.

1 day ago

Activity Matches Profile

Activity Matches Profile

A new activity has been posted that matches your profile.

2 days ago

New Activity

3 new activities at Kesling Park.

A park you follow has listed 3 new activities that might be interesting to you.

3 days ago

New Group for You

Pine Lake Run Club

A new group has formed that matches your interests. Check it out?


Don’t Stop at Active. Get Proactive.

Playon is currently beta testing in Indiana, but we’ve got a host of features ready to roll out as we expand into more communities across the USA.


Create Groups

Playon will soon make bringing friends together around activity much easier. Bring together friends for a weekend hiking group, a weekly volleyball game, a 4-some on the golf course or any other activity. Creating groups to play an activity will soon be easy.



Playon will soon make connecting and communication around activities and events easy. With advanced features like AI-powered recommendations and personalized notifications, Playon will soon enhance the discovery and engagement of activities.


Pickup Games

Playon's pickup games feature will soon allow users to quickly organize and join impromptu games for their preferred physical activity, from basketball to ultimate frisbee. With real-time notifications and location sharing, finding and participating in pickup games will never be easier.


Get Social

Playon's social features will allow users to connect and engage with friends and family who share their passion for physical activities. Playon is creating a fun and supportive environment for users to stay active and social while expanding their social circles.


Meet the founders of Playon.

It was an idea that sprung from a conversation at the ping pong table a decade ago. Already business partners, Sam and Marc brought Playon to life as a passion project.


Sam Maule

As a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in strategic planning, Sam is a driving force behind Playon's mission to promote active living. With a passion for healthy living, Sam is dedicated to guiding Playon with a strategic vision and keeping it on track. Sam's commitment to active living is personal, as his daughters are involved in every aspect of it, and Sam's own healthy competitive streak fuels his drive to bring this lifestyle to every town in America.


Marc Oestreich

Marc has spent his career dreaming creative campaigns and strategies for nonprofits across the nation. It’s that same creativity that he brings to Playon. He and wife, Steffany, have been dreaming up better ways to find leagues and activities for a decade. With 2 young kids in the picture now, his passion to help make active easier has only grown.

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